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Experience a beautiful yoga journey with National Yoga Instructor Melissa Scott of, and lead instructor at Sacred Glow Yoga Teacher Training School at, and Author of White Girl In Yoga Pants.

Kimberly Drye


Get to know this dual citizen of Birmingham, AL and Asheville, NC, Kimberly Drye. When she came to Birmingham, she took this city by storm, with her knowledge of Iyengar and alignment based yoga. We are so thankful to have her share us with her home town of Asheville. She is one of the lead instructors and co-owner of HereNowYoga Yoga Teacher Training School with fellow PT and Yoga Therapist Rebecca Impello.  Please visit for more info on Kim, her classes, events, and HereNowYoga YTT.


Shawn Galin


Check out this interview with Shawn Galin, the man who inspired me to create this podcast. He is a friend, mentor, and all around great yogi. He is one of the lead instructors of LifePower Yoga located in the Vestavia, AL location of Life Time Fitness. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did giving it.


Kate Jenkins


We are so happy to have Kate Jenkins with us today. She is the owner of Kiva Hot Yoga in Vestavia Hills, AL. Join us as we take a walk through her life and yoga journey, the ups and downs from experiencing 9/11 from a few blocks away to her husband winning a Super Bowl. She has a heart after God and lives to spread His light. You can visit for more information about the studio classes and events. Visit for more info about Kate and her studio. 


Kimberly Penrose


When I found out Kimberly had been teaching exactly one year from the day a few days before this interview, it hit me that I needed to talk to her. To get the prospective of that one year mark can be incredibly informative and inspiring. And it was. I hope you enjoy this fun and bright interview with the wonderful Kimberly Penrose.


Sadie Nardini

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Get to know international yoga teacher and creator of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Sadie Nardini. I am so blessed to have received the opportunity to speak to her about her yoga journey, and to have studied under her. She is not only an incredible teacher but an incredible human as well. Join me as we rock out to life stories with, Sadie Nardini. You can find more information on her website at


Nancy Rhodes (Roberts)


I am so humbled by this interview. Through technical issues and having to re-record the interview, it seemed like it wasn't going to happen. But the importance of Nancy's story gave me strength to keep going to make sure that you have the opportunity to be touched by her story as much as I was. I'm proud to know Nancy and honored to present her story to you. Join me as we go through the struggle and the joy of Nancy Rhodes (Roberts), learn how she developed her Fat Girl Yoga classes and the great things she's offering her students. Nancy is now the owner of Abundance Yoga Studio in Inverness, AL. Please visit for more information, class times, and events.


Annie Damsky

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Annie Damsky is the owner of Villager Yoga in Mountain Brook, AL. Her story is one of progress and opportunity, created out of the stillness and focus that yoga can offer. She is a huge influence in the Birmingham Yoga Community and I am happy to call her a friend. I hope you enjoy her journey as much as I did. You can find out more information about Annie and Villager Yoga at


Brent Scrivner


Join me for an incredible journey from a quiet Art Major to a passionate Yoga Teacher in this interview with formerly Birmingham, AL based Astanga Teacher, Brent Scrivner. At the time of this recording Brent was on sabbatical in Mysore, India. He has since taken up residence in Canada after an intense alignment based yoga training and completing his Rolfing Certification. 


Shannon Hancock


I hope you enjoy this final interview from Season 1. Shannon Hancock teaches at just about every studio in Birmingham, AL, and is co-Director of Vulcan Yoga Teacher Training with Natalie Peach. I was very honored to get to know this wonderful and warm person. I am also grateful that I can call her friend. I hope you can sense the same warmth in her interview that her students feel in her classes. You can find more info about Shannon at, or Vulcan Yoga at



Editor of Season 2: Ray Cole of Ray Cole Media –

Lauren Vogel (Lippeatt)

Lauren Vogel.jpg

I am so honored to launch the Second Season of Inside The Yoga Studio with a great teacher and the person who got me started on this incredible journey, my dear dear friend of 20 years, Lauren Vogel (Lippeatt.) She is a yoga teacher and one of the lead instructors of LifePower Yoga Teacher Training.

You can find out more information about her at her website,


Stephen Fletcher

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I am excited to present to you Yoga Teacher, and Owner of The Yoga Circle, Stephen Fletcher of Birmingham, AL. He offers up an exciting journey of self discovery often times doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and growing from them to build one of the most popular and respected studios in Birmingham. 

For more information about Stephen you can go to


Michelle Thielen

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Michelle Thielen is owner and founder of YogaFaith, a faith based yoga school and practice. After meeting on social media we made contact and were able to connect in talking not only about yoga, but also our faith and how the two are inseparable. I am honored to present her story to you, and hope that it will inspire you to deepen your faith into your practice no matter what your faith may be. 

For more information about Michelle and YogaFaith please visit


Nicole Sciacca

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Nicole Sciacca, a nationally recognized yoga teacher, former owner of Hustle and Flow Studio, a yoga and spin studio, and now currently CYO (Cheif Yoga Officer) at Playlist Yoga in Los Angeles, CA. Another dear friend of 20 years, Nicole gives us a yoga journey fit for Hollywood. From a near career ending injury to a difficult journey in the yoga business to health, healing, and building a studio, Nicole gives us an fun and humorous story. I am honored to bring a portion of my friends life to you, I hope you enjoy.

For more information about Nicole and Playlist Yoga please visit


Emilie Maynor

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Emilie Maynor is a Health and Wellness Coach based in Birmingham, AL, she is a yoga teacher and owner of Emilie Maynor Living. She gives such a wonderful story of how yoga brought her out of a life of chaos into stillness and health. She has also lead me in a Chocolate Meditation during my 200hr YTT, that was AHMAZING! I am also happy to be one of her clients and have someone so supportive to lead me and my son to a healthier way to eat and live.

For more information about Emilie and Emilie Maynor Living please visit


Denise Wigington


Join me for another interview with a friend of almost 15 years, Denise Wiginton, a lawyer and Ashtanga yoga teacher in Birmingham, AL. Go with her on a journey from the timid to the teacher, and share in her passion of "The Practice". Denise had just returned from India at the time this podcast was recorded, and has continued her travels to study Mysore in India a number of times since.


Elizabeth Hughey

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I am happy to bring you an interview with Elizabeth Hughey, yoga teacher, poet, and owner of the educational non-profit Desert Island Supply Company in Birmingham, AL. After traveling all over the US from one coast to another, she came back to Birmingham for her children to be near their grandparents. We are so lucky to have her and all that she is doing for the community. I hope you enjoy this story; it’s one that could totally be a movie.

For more information about Elizabeth, or her non-profit visit  


Holly McGregor

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So honored to be bringing you interviews from teachers across the country. Holly McGregor, Bikram Yoga Teacher and owner of Bikram Yoga North Shore in Chicago, IL., is somebody who I connected with through my friend and collaborator for Yoga for Humanity, Allie Moscarelli. Join Holly, as she brings us the journey from a very successful advertising career that engulfed her life to her discovery of yoga and the transformation to studio owner and teacher.

For more information about Holly, her classes, and studio please visit


Jackie Bell

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In October of 2014 I went to Panama City Beach, Florida. I was one month away from graduating YTT and I went to a class at a tiny studio about a stones throw from the condo I was staying in. I was the only one to show up for the class, and Jackie Bell gave as much energy to me being the only one, as she would have to a class of 30 people. I learned a lot about teaching that day and I have stayed in touch with her ever since. Glad I got to capture her journey from the Great White North of the US to the sunny beaches of Florida.

For more information about Jackie, and her classes please visit



R. Daniel Walker


Welcome to our first episode back since the close of Season 2 over a year ago...(cough) two years ago. A lot has happened between then and now. I won't go into it here. This interview is over a year old and I may have to record another on just to catch you up. LOL. This episode however, my friend and teacher Melissa Scott, who was the first teacher I interviewed for Inside The Yoga Studio, came on to be our host for this episode. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to providing you with more great journeys in the future. 

For more information about me and my goings on, please visit