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In this class we celebrate body, neuro-, racial, ethnic, sexuality and gender diversity. All LGBTQ+ identities and affirming friends, family and allies are welcome!

That being said, the subject matter and discussions that will be presented in this class will be derived from my own experience and will focus on those experiences past and present as a CAUCASIAN, CIS-GENDERED, HETEROSEXUAL MALE who grew up and still lives in Alabama. I cannot speak to any experience that isn’t mine but will be open to hear the experiences of the persons who attend.

I ask that whoever attends this monthly workshop class please be considerate of the narrow focus on which this class will speak to and be considerate of those who are attending the class, specifically, for that narrow focus that will be presented.




Early Bird Price - $20
Drop-in @ the door - $25


(For 2019 YFM Classes Only)
On Sale Beginning Dec 1, 2018

Three (3) YFM Class Package - $55
(Must be purchased by Oct. 4, 2019)

Six (6) YFM Class Package - $96
(Must be purchased by July 5, 2019)

Twelve (12) YFM Class Package - $192
(Must be purchased by Jan. 4 2019)

Packages are Use them or Lose them, No Refunds or Rollovers for missed classes.

What is Yoga For Men: Fellowship and Flow?

It is a time for us to come together, practice yoga, hold space for each other, and discuss those topics that we deal with related to our gender, not only in the yoga community but in our every day lives.

What is discussed at Yoga For Men: Fellowship and Flow?

We will talk about relationships (romantic, working, friendships). We will talk about the feelings of being the minority in a predominately cis-gendered female practice. We will discuss how to use current anatomy knowledge that is AMAB (Assigned Male at Birth) specific and yoga props to the maximum benefit in our yoga practices. We will learn how to train our egos, and find strength in being vulnerable. We will also go back to yoga basics and re-discover the Yama’s and Niyama’s as part of the 8 Limb Path of Yoga.

Will there be a moving Asana Practice at Yoga for Men: Fellowship and Flow? or are we just going to talk about stuff?

We will have an asana (the physical practice of yoga) practice together. Some months we may do more asana than talk and some months may require more talk than asana, but one thing is for certain, we will learn to be a support for each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

In the warmer months we may take the workshop outside for a hike, outdoor asana, or some sort of moving meditation.

How is Yoga for Men: Fellowship and Flow formatted?

Expect each 2 hour workshop to contain on average 50% discussion and 50% asana. 

Sample Schedule for the Workshop:

9:00am - Open with a short focus mindfulness meditation, and pranayama. 

9:05am - Introductions and present the topic of discussion for the day.

9:15am - Depending on the month, discussion topic, and/or location we will do about 30 to 60 minutes of asana or movement.

10:15am - We will take the remaining 30 to 45 minutes for discussion, questions, and a section that I will be calling The Ego Challenge.

What is the Yoga for Men: Fellowship and Flow,  Ego Challenge?

The Ego Challenge will be an exercise, idea, or experiment that will hopefully challenge your ego over the next month, if you choose to incorporate it into your life. 

*It may be journaling on a specific idea or theme. 
*It may be responding to certain situations that bring about a specific feeling or emotion with a phrase or action designed to prevent harmful reactions.
*It may be removing a word or phrase from your vocabulary for the month. 

The purpose of the Ego Challenge will be to "Train Your Ego" which is the overall theme for all Yoga for Men Workshops and Series' presented by FLY Yoga and Massage.






60-MINUTE - $95, 90-MINUTE - $140


Principal Photography is off and running for A Yoga Body. The project is being shot in Studio D at Forma Arts + Wellness in Downtown Birmingham.

We will schedule one shoot per month for the foreseeable future, until we have enough participants of all shapes/sizes/ages/colors/sexes/orientations that this project needs to tell a story that we can all connect with.

Our first shoot was June 16, and captured images from 5 participants including a series of AcroYoga Images. It was a long day of shooting but so rewarding. I think the most difficult thing about this project will be keeping the images under wraps until the book is done. It's going to be beautiful!

Our next Scheduled Shoot is August 11.

Waiting on Conformation on the September date. We will announce this date once it is confirmed with Forma.

If you're interested in participating or donating to the project, please email or click the "Schedule Shoot Time" button below to schedule your appointment time or click the "Donate To A Yoga Body" button to invest in this incredible project. 

Donate to A Yoga Body

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