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The Old Mill Podcast

The Old Mill is an entertainment Podcast co-hosted by Ryan C. Tittle (aka: Robert Cole) and myself (R. Daniel Walker). 
Premiered February of 2013 and ran through December of 2015 for a total of 6 seasons including bonus Movie Commentaries. 

You can listen to the episodes for free right here on this page
or you can purchase and download single episodes for $.99 each.

Ryan and I have been friends for more years than we can count. We love the entertainment industry and have very different tastes and opinions that we often kept between the two of us. We really enjoyed making this podcast and will enjoy having you listen to it all over again.
We talk film, directors, actors, television, and streaming sites. We provide you with sketches and impersonations, satire, covers of songs, arguments, compromise, and we introduce you to some fascinating characters along the way.


Episode 1: The Pilot

The First Episode of The Old Mill, a weekly podcast developed by Ryan C. Tittle (aka: Robert Cole) and R. Daniel Walker for an entertainment website called Moon Beach Island. This episode premiered March 3, 2013.

It features an in-depth discussion of the 85th annual Academy Awards hosted by Seth MacFarlane and the nominees and winners of Best Picture, Director, Actor/Actress, and Supporting Actor/Actress awards.

We also give our views on the recent action/adventure film A Good Day to Die Hard. The series will feature a "Weekly Watch" section where we recommend a piece of art we digested during the week.

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