Private Individual and Group Yoga Sessions Available!

Individual Private CSV or Holy Yoga - $75
Each session lasts about 75 minutes. 
10-Minute interview for the purposes of designing the private session to your current needs.
50 to 55-Minute Personally Tailored to your needs.
10 to 15-Minute post-interview to discuss future needs or provide homework for client before the next Session. 

Group: (Cannot Book Online, Please Contact for a Quote)
Private Group CSV or Holy Yoga Sessions are formed specifically for your groups particular need. 
60 Minute Session up to 10 people - $115
90 Minute Session up to 10 people - $160
Add $30 for every additional 10 people

5 - Individual Private Yoga Sessions - $300
5 - Private Group Yoga Sessions - 
60-Minute - $500
90-Minute - $700

Travel Rates
$20 extra for Out-Call Appointments +$2 for every mile over 30 to and from Out-Call Location.
$20 extra for After Hours Appointments after 8pm.

Packages Expires 6 months after purchase.
Individual Sessions may not be gifted to friends or family. 
Any Sessions not used by package expiration will be lost.
Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) 

Tuesdays at 12:00pm and Thursdays at 12:00pm
For those that want a greater mental and physical health benefit, then Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) classes may be exactly what you’re looking for. CSV Classes focus more on the physical aspect of yoga, than the spiritual.  CSV developed by Sadie Nardini, is an intense, flowing style of yoga that focuses on the deep core line of muscles that lend support to the entire body. Come prepared to receive a strong workout that includes breath work and attaining mental focus and clarity. Available to all experience levels.

Holy Yoga

No Holy Yoga Classes Available at this Time.    Please check back.
For those that want a deeper spiritual connection with Christ that combines a greater mental and physical health benefit, then Core Faith Vinyasa aka. Holy Yoga, may be exactly what you’re looking for. We have grown accustomed to letting our bodies crumble around us as long as our spirit is strong, but that isn’t what God intended. In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Paul implores believers to honor God with their bodies, as the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Available to all experience levels. Daniel uses the Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) style with techniques for Weaving the Word from Holy Yoga.  Available to all experience levels.  

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